My 95.9 FM offers a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities for your business, organization, or special event.  We offer:

  • On-air announcements and acknowledgments where you choose the hour and get exclusive sponsorship of the hour or day
  • Banner ads and links from our website to yours
  • Email blasts
  • Text messages
  • So many other creative custom advertising, cross promotional, and cosponsoring opportunities with many more to come

We will place a banner or link to your business, event, or website on this page in exchange for VERY affordable underwriting of My 95.9FM.  Our radio station is wholly owned by Ohana Broadcasters Corporation, a tax exempt not for profit organization.  Our type of broadcasting license is similar to NPR or PBS whereby we are prohibited from broadcasting prices or any inducements to buy.  Our station has no owners or shareholders or investors and our staff takes no salaries whatsoever.  We are all 100% volunteers.  However, there is A LOT that we can do for your business, event, club or organization. Let’s say you have an automotive business for example.  Right now, we can give you EXTREMELY affordable underwriting rates and give you hourly acknowledgments, just like advertisements about your business.  For example, we can say…

“My 95.9 FM is brought to you today by AAA Auto Shop in Honolulu, providing automotive repair on all makes and models.  AAA Auto Shop also has a number of vehicles for sale and is located at 111 Main Street one block makai of Kapiolani Boulevard.  AAA Auto Shop may be reached by phone at 1.808.555.5555 or online through their website at www.TRIPLEAAAautoshop.com.  My 95.9 FM sincerely thanks AAA Auto Shop, the place for all your automotive repair needs, for bringing you today’s programming on My 95.9 FM.  You may find more information by visiting our sponsors page in our website at www.my959.com.”

This is an example of what we can provide you or your business and of course can be adjusted to what you prefer as long as it stays within our non commercial, informational only rules as required by the FCC.  We are simply prohibited from having a call to action or give a price or an inducement to buy in the ad over the air.

If you have any other creative ideas or suggestions on how else we can help get the word out about your business, club, organization, or event please let us know.  We are 100% non profit and 100% commercial free so the sample acknowledgment above is something we can legally provide for you.  Since our website is not part of any broadcast, there are no restrictions on what we can say and do for you in our website so we can really help you greatly through the website in addition to the text messages and email blasts.

If you can help us and sustain dance radio here in the islands, we would greatly appreciate a donation of any size to the station.  Simply visit www.my959.com and click on the donate tab to make your donation.  Then, if you have a banner or would even like us to make one for you, or have any other questions, email us at info@my959.com and we can begin promoting your business, event, organization, or club right away.  We are ready to partner with you to make your business or event a huge success!

Again, we thank you in advance for your support and hope you will seriously consider supporting dance radio in Hawaii.

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