All of us at My 95.9 are all volunteers.  We take no salaries.  And, we need your help to make My 95.9 the coolest and best radio station in Hawaii! There is no pay but alot of the positions might look really good on a resume right? We currently need your help in the following areas:

Sound Engineer/Audio Technician

If you have any experience with radio station equipment, transmitters, exciters, or with sound boards, computers, etc. We need an audiophile that can help us out with some technical issues from time to time. If this is you or even if you just have the basic knowledge and are willing to learn, let us know!


MY 95.9 FM is in need of announcers!  Become a My 95.9 fm on air personality!  The pay is low, in fact, there isn’t any!  But the rewards are great!  Qualifications include:

  • A computer or phone that can record your voice.  No need for any productions skills unless you have them!
  • A commitment to make recordings when asked usually within 24-48 hours of notification
  • That’s it!


Are you a good writer? Do you have a love for electronic dance music? We need you to help as a regular contributor to our website! You can write your own stories or we can give you tips and you can roll with it. Let us know you can help!

Content Creators

My959 has some new unique opportunities for some on-air and online features.  Newscasts, Events Calendar, Crowd Interaction captures at events, anything else you can think of to help round out My959! We need innovative and creative writers, producers, and announcers with a love and enthusiasm for dance music… STEP UP!

Social Media Marketers

Love Facebook? Can’t live without Twitter? We need you to help promote My95.9 and all of the various shows, donation opportunities, and many aspects of the station. If you can help, please let us know!

Graphics Designer

There is alot we could do if we had someone that can help to make My959 look good! Design graphics for campaigns, live broadcasts, station promotions and contests, etc. If you have the skills, we need you!

Volunteer Coordinator

With so many different facets to the station, you can imagine the organization that is required! We need someone with strong organizational skills and the ability to get along with, help recruit, and motivate other volunteers.


If you’d like to help out in any way, send an email to info@my959.com with “I want to be a Volunteer” in the subject line.

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